Cheshire Police Authority: Authority: financial systems consultancy

The Cheshire Constabulary is responsible for policing a population of 980,000 and an area of 232,850 hectares. It has a annual budget of £160m and employs 3000 officers and staff.

Cheshire Police Authority had since being created in 1996 shared corporate systems and services with Cheshire County Council.

A strategic decision was taken to bring more flexibility to financial management by developing an in-house solution that necessitated CPA adopting new systems, processes and work practices.

Part of the change required the development of a business case to determine the business areas affected and how best to deliver corporate services in order that the transition was cost effective and self-funded. Two key areas for review included Finance and Procurement

The challenge:

CPA had operated a fairly devolved finance function and a manual based procurement process.

The vision for the future organisation was to centralise areas of finance processing whilst automating the procurement processes across the force. This was to be enabled through the introduction of new systems and accompanying business processes.

The solution:

As part of a selection and implementation project Moore Stephens Insight supported CPA staff in the development of the business case and subsequent delivery of new systems and business processes.

The precursor to the delivery of new procurement processes was to implement the core financial ledgers (accounts payable, receivable and general ledger) and then to review the existing buying patterns and controls in place for current the manual systems in order to build an effective procurement ordering and information module.

A number of key deliverables were identified. These included:

  • A transaction spend analysis identifying the nature, volume and value of spending behaviour across the force.

  • Mapping of existing business processes

  • Creation of new business processes

  • A review of the existing delegated authorities and recommendations for change.

As a result of the work performed, CPA is now live on a new finance and procurement system and has bedded in new working practices with a view to realising the savings identified as part of the business case product.