Our approach

We recognise that each assignment is different and that success is built through trusting relationships underpinned by experience and structured method. Sitting client side we are well placed to provide impartial objective advice whilst protecting your best interests.

Business before technology

We believe that technology should support the delivery of business objectives and therefore employ business specialists who understand your problems and are experienced in working with all the major software in the market to deliver workable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our consultants have extensive experience of working in industry and therefore understand the problems you face. They are adept at eliciting business needs and translating them into process and system requirements to ensure the implementation of any new solution will deliver real benefits to the business.

Independent solution

We are not here to sell you software but to work with you in finding the right solution for your organisation. Our aim is to help you solve specific problems faced by your finance department or other corporate function by applying our experience and skills in maximising corporate systems and processes.

This might involve sourcing an ERP system in which case we would use our extensive market knowledge and independence to support you identifying the most suitable supplier. We would then use our experience, methodology and skills to help you through the implementation process ensuring the new system is built according to your business needs. Only too often we have seen IT projects fail because of poor business analysis and system configuration. We sit on your side of the fence and protect your interests.

Our independence means that we look at each project objectively and are not biased by any specific solution. We often find that the trigger to buy a new system is frustration and dissatisfaction with current internal service provision or system outputs. When something isn’t working it is ‘easy’ to blame the software. However in many cases the current software can be more than suitable and what is needed is a re-design of current processes and systems configuration. We support you by identifying areas for improvement and throughout the business change process.


Consistent quality of service is of paramount importance to us. We have many years experience of supporting organisations through these types of projects and in addition to industry best practice approaches, we have developed a number of methods which underpin the work we perform (see Tools & Methodology section). Clients therefore, derive real value as our time is spent on client specific issues and not on reinventing processes.

Knowledge transfer

We believe success is achieved through working together. We regularly work in joint teams, transferring knowledge where appropriate to build a stronger internal team and minimise the use of external consultants.

We provide skills transfer in plans for all our projects to allow our clients to make the best use of the solutions, systems or changes in working practices we have delivered for them.