Total Implementation Model ®

Total Implementation Model (TIM) is an ‘holistic’ approach to systems implementation. It has been developed to support our clients apply a standard approach to delivery of finance / ERP projects and provide control and assurance throughout the stages.

This tool is based on the PRINCE2 (project management best practice) principles and covers all facets of an ERP implementation e.g. organisational governance, project management, data migration, testing, business process and system design, training and service delivery.

TIM sets out all the potential components of a system implementation project from a business and accounting point of view. It provides templates and processes to ensure all the key steps are followed.

Key benefits:

  • Total visibility of the implementation process before committing funds
  • Reduces the business and project risks through effective planning
  • Forces focus on business requirements not IT
  • Provides clear ownership from the start (the organisation owns the system – not the project team or the IT supplier)
  • Helps by setting and following best practice
  • Offers practical solutions to systems implementation