Business support

Moore Stephens Insight provides specific business support accounting services. These are key to ensuing that frontline staff and other non finance professionals have access to the financial skills needed to support the often difficult and complex decisions they face. Our services in this area include:
  • Business Planning
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Business Case support
  • Contracts support

Benefits we bring to your organisation include:

  • Access to consolidated, accurate and realistic budgets and forecasts.  We help you to create, consolidate and monitor budgets and forecasts based on our accounting experience in your industry, understanding of the wider business needs and the need to align them with the overall strategic objectives
  • Decision making assurance.  We do this through financial modelling, risk analysis and ‘what-if scenarios’ to allow you to evaluate different alternatives and asses the implications, benefits and risks of any option being considered
  • Access to expert business planning and business case support.  We provide expert consultants who have experience in this area and can work with your team to produce compelling business cases and plans that support your strategic objectives
  • Minimise risks and costs.  This can be achieved through effective contracts negotiations with current and / or new suppliers and by carrying out financial risk assessments on the organisations involved