Strategic finance

Moore Stephens Insight offer a full range of strategic finance services. We work in partnership with Finance Directors to advise on all facets of financial strategy, including:
  • Governance & Risk Management
  • Funding Advice
  • Control Frameworks
  • Stakeholder Management

Benefits we can bring to your organisation include:

  • Ensure the appropriate governance arrangements are in place by advising on and implementing governance structures that suit your organisation strategic needs and objectives.
  • Make the appropriate funding decisions and minimise risks by advising on the funding options available and their relative benefits and risks; e.g. Government grants; PFI/PPP arrangements.
  • Ensure financial policy compliance by advising on policy interpretation and implementation; e.g. Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programmes and IFRS reporting.
  • Maximise scarce resources by designing and implementing appropriate control structures to ensure the aims of the organisation and the financial strategy are aligned.
  • Ensure the appropriate skills and resources are in place to allow your finance function to perform effectively by identifying skills gaps and providing appropriate qualified resources / advice.
  • Improve financial performance and reporting by advising on and delivering improvement actions and/or solutions based on best practice and tailored to your specific needs.
  • Maximise any regulations that benefits your industry/organisation – e.g. 5% VAT threshold for partial recovery option for local authorities.
  • Ensure appropriate and effective reporting compliance and stakeholder management through our in-depth understanding of the obligations relating to each stakeholder group and their financial information reporting requirements (e.g. National Audit Office, Audit Commission; Auditors, Banks, Investors, Shareholders, Citizens etc).